MCI's COACH GUARD anchor pins feature a Melonite finish for improved wear, sliding and running performance. The Melonite finish is far superior to the traditional chrome or nickel plating.


All of our COACH GUARD brake components are designed to OEM specifications for material and finish.

4C-1-31CG Brake Spring, Front & Trailing Axle MCI 4C-1-31
GM 2377712
New Flyer 6306320
Orion A0102507MB
Prevost® 610296
4C-1-32CG Anchor Pin, "W" series MCI 4C-1-32
GM 2030115
New Flyer 76836NFA
Orion A0102507MH
Prevost® 610143

Anchor Pin

MCI 4C-4-8
GM 2426734
Gillig 82-11945-000
New Flyer 70196NFA
Prevost® 620853
4C-4-19CG Brake Spring, Rear MCI 4C-4-19
4C-4-39CG Bronze Bushing, Spider to Camshaft MCI 4C-4-39
GM 2473988
Gillig 82-03295-000
New Flyer 5960260
Orion A0102502NE
Prevost® 610195
Prevost® 610699
4C-4-42CG Bronze Bushing MCI 4C-4-42
GM 2471533
Gillig 82-06886-000
New Flyer 70080
Prevost® 610702
4F-4-14CG Seal, Brake Cam MCI 4F-4-14
GM 20258816
Gillig 82-02241-000
New Flyer 5942748
Orion A0102502NB
Prevost® 621115
6312086CG Roller pin New Flyer 6312086
MAN 81.50211.0030
6312087CG Washer New Flyer 6312087
MAN 06.15114.2615
6312088CG Circlip New Flyer 6312088
MAN 06.29010.0114
6312089CG O-Ring New Flyer 6312089
MAN 06.56333.1169
6312122CG Anchor Pin New Flyer 6312122
MAN 81.50212.0036
6312957CG Spring Pin New Flyer 6312957
MAN 81.50211.0018
6312959CG O-Ring New Flyer 6312959
MAN 81.97610.0123
6335343CG Return Spring New Flyer 6312091
New Flyer 6312972
New Flyer 6335343
MANH 81.97610.0123
MAN 81.97610.0115
N8888893CG Brake Anchor Pin fits TMC RTS / NovaBus applications

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