Save money and time by using our genuine COACH GUARD DD3 brake chambers, either new or remanufactured.

COACH GUARD DD3 brake chambers are available remanufactured for replacement of both right- and left- hand horizontal units and can also be purchased as a new unit. If you prefer to rebuild units yourself, our genuine COACH GUARD components offer real value and are backed by a 1-year warranty.


4R-5-1CG DD3 Brake Chamber, LH MCI 4R-5-1
MCI 4R-5-2
Bendix 287479
Bendix 287475
4R-5-1CGRM Remanufactured DD3 Brake Chamber, LH MCI 4R-5-1
Bendix 287479
4R-5-2CGRM Remanufactured DD3 Brake Chamber, RH MCI 4R-5-2
Bendix 287475
721412CGRM Remanufactured DD3 Brake Chamber, RH GM 721412
Bendix 287186
721412CGRM Remanufactured DD3 Brake Chamber, LH GM 721413
Bendix 287185
Genuine COACH GUARD DD3 replacement parts
2037901CG Diaphragm kit Bendix 265071
4-2-994CG Nut MCI 4-2-994
Bendix 237887
4B-5-4CG Shaft Asm MCI 4B-5-4
Bendix 277263
4B-5-7CG Clamp Ring (Auxiliary) MCI 4B-5-7
Bendix 227745
4B-5-8CG Bolt, Clamp Ring MCI 4B-5-8
Bendix 237886
4B-5-12CG Kit, Clamp Ring MCI 4B-5-12
Bendix 227746
4B-5-16CG Nylon Bearing MCI 4B-5-16
Bendix 241997
4B-5-17CG O-Ring, DD3 MCI 4B-5-17
Bendix 241999
4B-5-22CG Boot, DD3 MCI 4B-5-22
Bendix 242013
4B-5-23CG Nut, Yoke MCI 4B-5-23
Bendix 204781
4B-5-27CG Piston MCI 4B-5-27
Bendix 242000
4B-5-28CG Collar, DD3 MCI 4B-5-28
Bendix 242001
4B-5-29CG Roller, DD3 MCI 4B-5-28
Bendix 242002
4B-5-31CG Nylon Washer MCI 4B-5-31
Bendix 242004
4B-5-32CG Spring, Roller MCI 4B-5-32
Bendix 242003
4B-5-33CG Lock washer MCI 4B-5-33
Bendix 202986
4B-5-34CG Nut, Stud 5/8-18 MCI 4B-5-34
Bendix 204782


Ring-Retainer MCI 4B-5-36
Bendix 241993
4B-5-38CG Machine screw MCI 4B-5-38
Bendix 243023
4C-2-10CG Yoke, Push Rod MCI 4C-2-10
GM 2287904
4C-5-3CG Push Rod MCI 4C-5-3
Bendix 243342
4C-5-4CG Yoke Asm MCI 4C-5-4
Bendix 228790
4C-5-6CG Clevis Pin 1/2" MCI 4C-5-6
Bendix 200054
4C-5-13CG O-Ring MCI 4C-5-13
Bendix 243682
4C-5-14CG Splash Guard MCI 4C-5-14
Bendix 243570
4C-5-19CG Cap, Complete MCI 4C-5-19
Bendix 282424
4C-5-21CG Auxiliary Diaphragm MCI 4C-5-21
Bendix 246675
4C-5-26CG Stud, 5/8" MCI 4C-5-26
Bendix 240358
4C-5-27CG Retainer, Diaphragm MCI 4C-5-27
Bendix 246367
4F-5-13CG Housing Asm, non-pressure MCI 4F-5-13
Bendix 285117
4F-5-14CG Housing Asm, pressure MCI 4F-5-14
Bendix 249250
4G-5-3CG Service Diaphragm MCI 4G-5-3
Bendix 292711
4M-5-5CG Main Spring MCI 4M-5-5
Bendix 242413
4M-5-22CG Wiper, Rod (seal rubber) MCI 4M-5-22
Bendix 246612
4M-5-23CG Wiper Spring MCI 4M-5-23
Bendix 246614
4M-5-25CG Cap Only MCI 4M-5-25
Bendix 277831
4M-5-26CG Retainer, Spring MCI 4M-5-56
Bendix 246615
4M-5-27CG Spring MCI 4M-5-27
Bendix 246613
4M-5-28CG Gasket MCI 4M-5-28
Bendix 246660
4M-5-31CG Washer, Diaphragm MCI 4M-5-31
Bendix 246369
4M-5-32CG Screw MCI 4M-5-32
Bendix 246370
4R-5-6CG Pressure Plate, Service MCI 4R-5-6
Bendix 291372
668310CG Diaphragm, Exhaust MCI 4M-5-30
Bendix 246673

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