Camshafts play a critical role in brake reliability. With this in mind, COACH GUARD camshafts are manufactured to the highest quality, equivalent or better than OEM to offer performance and durability at a reduced cost.

4C-4-21CG Camshaft, LH Meritor 2210-F-5752
MCI 4C-4-21
4C-4-20CG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-E-5751
MCI 4C-4-20

Camshaft, LH

Meritor 2210-H-5754
MCI 4F-4-4
4F-4-3CG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-G-5753
MCI 4F-4-3
4G-1-6CG Camshaft, LH Meritor 2210-Z-5538
MCI 4G-1-6
4G-1-5CG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-Y-5537
MCI 4G-1-5
4J-4-13CG Camshaft, LH Meritor 2210-Q-5165
MCI 4J-4-13
4J-4-14CG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-P-5164
MCI 4J-4-14
4J-1-7CG Camshaft, LH Meritor 2210-L-6304
MCI 4J-1-7
4J-1-8CG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-K-6303
MCI 4J-1-8
4L1-105CG Camshaft, LH Meritor 2210-P-8466
MCI 4L-1-105
4L-1-116CG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-N-8464
MCI 4L-1-116
4L-2-2CG Camshaft, LH Meritor 2210-P-8206
MCI 4L-2-2
4L-2-1CG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-N-8204
MCI 4L-2-1
4L-4-57CG Camshaft, LH Meritor 2210-A-6813
MCI 4L-4-57
4L-4-58CG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-Z-6812
MCI 4L-54-58
4L-4-204CG Camshaft, LH Meritor 2210-R-7454
MCI 4L-4-204
4L-4-205CG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-S-7455
MCI 4L-4-205
4TA-1-60CG Camshaft, LH Meritor 2210-Q-7453
Gillig 82-037689-000
4TA-1-61CG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-P-7452
Gillig 82-03763-000
2032430CG Camshaft, LH Meritor 2210-T-4908
GM 2032430
2032427CG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-S-4907
GM 2032427
2032431CG Camshaft, LH Meritor 2210-Q-4905
GM 2032431
2032432CG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-R-4906
GM 2032432
15526041CG Camshaft, LH Meritor 2210-X-5536
GM 15526041
MCI 4L-1-124
Gillig 82-08243-000
Prevost® 61-0769
2099860CG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-W-5535
GM 2099860
MCI 4L-1-125
Gillig 82-04844-000
Prevost® 61-0770
A0202526ACCG Camshaft, LH Meritor 2210-T-6005
Orion A0202526AC
A0202526ABCG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-Z-6006
Orion A0202526AB
E0202501AECG Camshaft, LH Meritor 2210-A-6007
Orion E0202501AE
E0202501AFCG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-B-6008
Orion E0202501AF
5940794CG Camshaft, LH Meritor 2210-A-4915
Flyer 5940794
5940795CG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-B-4916
Flyer 5940795
97-4137-00210CG Camshaft, LH Meritor 2210-L-6538
Flx 97-4137-00210
97-4137-00209CG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-L-6537
Flx 97-4137-00209
N8800187CG Camshaft, RH Meritor 2210-Y-8397
Nova N8800187
N8887715CG Camshaft, LH Meritor 22120-Z-8396
Nova N8887715

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