Wheelchair Lift Installation

©2017 Motor Coach Industries International, Inc. and its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. Wheelchair Lift Installation Wheelchair Lift-IS-2013-20 Information Sheet Information on this sheet is subject to change at the discretion of MCI and/or its affiliates. Contact your MCI parts solutions manager or customer service representative for further details. In the U.S. Toll Free (800) 323-1290 Toll Free Fax (800) 525-4569 In Canada Toll Free English (800) 665-0155 Français (800) 546-3457 Toll Free Fax (800) 872-2486 Coach Model Lift Type D4500 / 4505 / with Mux Ricon D4500 / 4505 / with Mux Braun D4500 / DL3 without Mux Ricon E4500 / J4500 Ricon E4500 / J4500 Braun MCI Installation makes ADA compliance easy, with OEM confidence • Original-maker lift availability • Installation to MCI factory standards • OEM fit and finish inside and out • Retention of all original coach functionality • Fast idle circuit • OEM serviceability • Increased value to coach Speak to your MCI Technical Solutions Manager today, or call MCI Fleet Support at: 888-912-9983