Brake Rotors for Prevost Coaches

Prevost Rotors-PR-2017-15 Great Market Prices! Order online for an additional 1% discount. Please reference appropriate Promo Code(s), if applicable, at time of order. Offer is not applicable to prior sales or existing orders. Prices quoted are subject to availability. No other discounts or promotions will apply. Prices do not include applicable taxes, shipping or handling charges, and are subject to change without further notice. Contact your MCI parts solutions manager or customer service representative for further details. MCI Part No. Prevost Part No. Description 611300CG 61-1300 SN7, Front/Tag Axle Rotor (unitized wheel-end) 611456CG 61-1456 SN7, Front/Tag Rotor (conventional bearing wheel-end) 611457CG 61-1457 SN7, Drive Axle Rotor ©2018 Motor Coach Industries International, Inc. and its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. MCI Customer Service In the U.S. Toll Free (800) 323-1290 Toll Free Fax (800) 525-4569 MCI Customer Service In Canada Toll Free English (800) 665-0155 Français (800) 546-3457 Toll Free Fax (800) 872-2486 MCI Service Centers Toll Free 888-912-9983 BRAKE ROTORS FOR PREVOST COACHES 611457CG 611456CG 611300CG • Brake rotor for Prevost H3-41, H3-45, VIP-45, X3-45, X3-VIP, XL-11 with conventional and unitized wheel-end bearings • Unique treatment process creates a barrier that increases corrosion resistance • Made in the USA using American iron • Balance between strength and thermal conductivity • Quality engineered to provide a precise fit, form and function • FMVSS-121 tested/certified • Barrier minimizes ABS faults on corroded tone ring, and eliminates thick layers of rust that can impede rotor heat dissipation Two sample rotor slices tested side by side in the same corrosion test chamber. Test duration simulated 2 years of field operation in a corrosive environment. Both of these samples were made from the same iron. Sample “A” is standard cast material, and Sample “B” is standard cast material with the addition of anti-corrosive treatment. A B