MCI Select+ Pre-Owned Coach Limited Warranty Manual

MCI Select POC 6/1/17 MCI SELECT PRE-OWNED COACH Owner Limited Warranty Manual MCI SALES AND SERVICE, INC. (US) MOTOR COACH INDUSTRIES LIMITED (Canada) 2017 INTRODUCTION Your warranty rights and obligations are set forth as part of the agreement pursuant to which you purchased your MCI Select Pre-Owned Coach from MCI Sales and Service, Inc. (in the U.S.) or Motor Coach Industries Limited (in Canada) (the applicable entity is referred to in this Manual as “MCI”). The information set forth in this manual has been prepared for you by MCI’s Warranty Department to assist you with any warranty questions or problems that may arise. If there is a conflict between anything contained in your purchase agreement and this manual, the purchase agreement will govern and supersede the conflicting manual provision. We encourage owners and operators to review this manual carefully. Owners submitting warranty claims to MCI should have clear knowledge of the coverage and terms and conditions of MCI’s Limited Warranty before submitting a claim. While we believe this manual will answer many if not all of your questions, we encourage you to contact the MCI Fleet Support Technical Center at 1-800-241-2947, or your regional fleet support Manager, should you have any problems or further questions concerning MCI’s Limited Warranty.